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Actionable Insights and Online Platform

Our core services and products are integrated to support informed evidence based decisions. Our services are delivered through a set of unique integrated goldeni products.


The goldeni platform captures, collates and unlock data’s potential, and is at the core of our product offering, supporting informed evidence-based decisions.

All our services are delivered through a set of integrated goldeni products

  • Insight Portal
  • Diagnostics Portal
  • Home Health mobile app

These products are all powered by a cutting edge IoT (internet of things) enabled technologies and sensors.

Deployed within the residential and commercial properties, these sensors deliver data to the portals where advanced analytics interpret the data sets delivering actionable insights to the service and maintenance teams. The insights from the portals and app report on environmental performance, preventative maintenance, property disrepair, health and safety within the home and office.

Powered by AI (artificial intelligence), goldeni’s advanced analytics offers personalised targets and insights based on what the building occupier needs to know for the efficient operation of their homes and places of work.

Focusing on providing safe internal environmental conditions and energy and cost efficient operations, goldeni provides residential and commercial landlords, tenants and occupiers with unique insights to allow for a more effective and proactive management of their properties, deliver operational efficiencies and ensure positive outcomes for tenants and communities.


Analytics and Insight

Our objective is to be the most creative and ethical data analytics company in the property industry, helping clients of all types to achieve results through sophisticated, evidenced based decision making.

Enabling them to optimise their business and deliver positive outcomes for people and the communities that they live in.

We do this through our unique approach of focusing on behavioural intent data.

goldeni takes data from a variety of sources to better understand how the behaviours of building occupiers; how their behaviours influence the operation and performance of our buildings and the impact this has on the internal and external environments.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered by big data analytics and machine learning algorithms is the ‘brains’ behind our analytics and insights platform. The AI processes consume a multitude of data sets and interpret to deliver actionable insights, allowing service and maintenance personnel to make informed decisions and actions.


Our Data Model

Our unique ‘Data Insight Model’© allows us to identify insights at the intersection of primary data sets focused on the built environment. From most basic descriptive and diagnostic analytics to advanced analytics like predictive, prescriptive and data sciences. Contact us to understand how our Data Insight Model© can support evidenced based decisions.



Digital Twin Technology

Digital Twin For The Built Environment

Data, information, knowledge and change – all possible with a digital replica of residential and commercial buildings.

goldeni is leading the charge in the development of visual digital replication which can help the residential and commercial sector in its continued effort for energy efficiency and operational costs savings.

In its simplest form digital twin technology from goldeni provides a simulated visual representation of a local authority, village, town or city right down to individual buildings – this digital twin of the assets and sites enables for not only local intelligence and decision making but opportunities for savings.

Most impressive of all, it offers the ability to walk through the residential estate or to go inside the commercial building using immersive technology.

We believe that digital twin technology will revolutionise the service, maintenance and management of buildings within the residential and commercial sector, let us explain why:

  • Digital Twin goes much further than graphs, data and reports – a digital twin is a true to life simulated and visual representation of a property or full portfolio of properties. It’s a future forecast than can then be paused, rewound and started again – stopping energy inefficiencies in their tracks before they happen.
  • From a high level down to an individual building level, service and maintenance teams can see in real-time the building performance and operations, energy efficiency as well as any faults and issues requiring assistance and maintenance.
  • Digital Twin becomes an asset register, locating all assets and systems for the benefit of maintenance teams and provides historic insights as well as real-time data on in-building asset performance and system history while providing forecasting and planning of ‘what if’ scenarios.
  • goldeni’s digital twin is not limited to the data from systems inside the residential and commercial buildings, it encompasses the wider local environment, harvesting data from externally deployed IoT sensors and third-party systems such as Geolocation and weather data. Location and weather are important factors to note, they impact on building health and wellness for building occupiers – this level of data makes the digital twin and simulation authentic and realistic.

Data Trusts

There is clear evidence that effective use of data can transform services, enhance lives, and support strategic initiatives. Data is an asset and a fundamental enabler for progressive change, but there are significant barriers to realising its value.

These range from multiple silos of data through to security and the challenges in managing data ethically. Ensuring trust in how data is collected, maintained and shared is essential. Data Trust structures can effectively widen access to disparate data sources in a manner that engenders trust. In this context, a Data Trust looks after and makes decisions about data in a similar way that trusts have been used to look after and make decisions about other forms of asset.