Never has remote, preventative maintenance been so important than during the COVID-19 pandemic. the opportunity to fix a technical fault without entering a property has been not just a benefit of IoT (internet of things) technology but a requirement.  The need to both socially distance but also stay home has showcased the huge benefits of property maintenance undertaken remotely.

goldeni’s IoT enabled technology provides both remote, preventative maintenance and energy savings support. Boilers are a prime example of this, goldeni enables boilers to become smarter versions of their original selves. goldeni’s IoT diagnostics device works by communicating over 2G or LoRaWAN to a central online portal.  Powered by AI (artificial intelligence), goldeni’s online platform analyses and interprets data on a boiler’s operation, use and temperature as well as receiving fault alerts from the boiler direct to property services teams. The teams receive actionable insights to be able to make informed decisions as to the best way to resolve a fault or communicate with the tenant on how better to operate the boiler and temperature settings for energy efficiency and energy cost reduction. This is all done remotely.

goldeni can also deliver real-time air quality data to property services teams to identify and advise of poor internal air quality – looking after the tenant with health and wellbeing in mind. As an online platform it takes data from a variety of deployed sensors in the tenant homes and, through AI (artificial intelligence) analyses and interprets the data delivering insights to the property services team. For internal air quality control (IAQ), those sensors and the insights from goldeni’s online platforms and healthy-home app monitor and alert against undesirable IAQ levels allowing the team to immediately notify the tenant to take action and return the home to a healthy and safe place to live.  

By understanding the internal environmental conditions, internal air quality and the performance and operation of heating and lighting, property services teams can then deliver remote and onsite services and support for social housing landlords and their tenants.  In an effort to save both on fuel bills and environmental impact.

goldeni is unique in the way it provides property services teams with in-depth insights into environmental challenges, preventative maintenance, property disrepair, safety and energy efficiency. It hands the power back to social housing landlords and tenants; they can more effectively monitor and manage their properties, deliver operational efficiencies and gain unique insights to ensure positive outcomes for tenants and their local communities. 

Property services teams are informed of the issue as soon as it happens meaning a remote or onsite fix before the issue becomes a costly problem or a health and safety concern for the social housing landlord and their tenant. Identifying faults on boilers for example in real-time means a fix can be applied before the tenant realises that the home is has no heating and hot water. Knowing light levels are low in communal areas alerts the team of a potential safety issue. Instant insights into home health and property and asset performance are valuable for the social housing landlord and their tenant. Focusing on health and wellbeing for the tenant, preserving the asset lifecycle and reducing operating costs for the social housing landlord.   

Ultimately insights empower our teams to provide real-time response to property issues and concerns. By receiving real-time alerts, it allows the teams to take immediate action and, in some instances, resolve the problem remotely without needing to enter the home. 

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