Originally established on the 22nd of April,1970 in the USA, Earth Day was launched to educate people on environmental issues and inspire them to take action. The first Earth Day saw 20 million American people unite to demonstrate against the impact of industry and bring ecological issues to the forefront of the public consciousness. Since then, Earth Day has continued to grow, and this year the event will motivate one billion people from all around the world to drive positive environmental change.

The theme of 2022’s Earth Day is Invest In Our Planet, a call to action for everyone from individuals to governments and global businesses to act now to build a prosperous and sustainable future. Innovation is an important component of this dynamic theme as we strive to find alternative ways of working that will accelerate change and bring us closer to attaining net zero. We believe that cutting-edge technology, like goldeni, is central to this, and we continue to develop our software to meet these challenges.

Earth Day also serves to highlight the severity of the climate crisis. It is an important reminder that everyone must take action to tackle climate change and limit global warming. While industrial processes and manufacturing are significant contributors to carbon emissions, domestic settings also generate substantial volumes of greenhouse gases. Residential properties account for a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UK , with social housing responsible for around 10%.

To address these emissions, landlords and property management teams are working towards decarbonising their social housing stock, and goldeni’s solutions are specifically designed to support them in this aim. For example, the goldeni platform’s data can identify inefficient properties due to poor insulation, faulty assets, or disrepair. This enables landlords to pinpoint issues and take action quickly to reduce the emissions of their stock and improve the Energy Performance Certificate ratings of their properties in line with the UK Government’s 2030 targets. These insights can also help social housing landlords identify properties suitable for lower-carbon solutions, such as heat pumps and off-grid sources.

As well as supporting landlords in creating more efficient social housing, the data and insights generated by goldeni can help educate tenants on how their actions impact the environment. By highlighting how specific behaviours contribute to increased energy usage and emissions, it may be possible to encourage tenants to change their habits that will allow them to run their homes more efficiently and personally contribute to the Earth Day movement.

Innovative technologies and data analysis are critical to creating a more sustainable way of living, and the goldeni team are committed to revolutionising the way we manage and maintain our homes and workplaces. Through our technology’s continued development and evolution, we strive to contribute to a greener future and support our social housing clients as they Invest In Our Planet.