goldeni is committed to improving the living conditions of social housing associations’ tenants and leaving a lasting legacy in the communities we serve by reducing carbon emissions and energy use while also reaching for NetZero2050.

We do this with technology and our latest initiative focuses on heating and hot water provision for tenants whilst also reducing their carbon emissions and environmental impact.  

We will be installing an IoT diagnostics unit which will be attached to the boiler in each of the tenant’s homes. 

This leading technology will provide advanced maintenance and building management services for every tenant. It will also allow us to remotely service and maintain the boiler which will improve the living conditions of tenants. This unit will also provide valuable and actionable data and insights that will help extend the life cycle of the boiler and ensure that there is a reliable source of heat and hot water for the tenant. 

Any faults on the boiler will alert the service desk immediately allowing our service teams to remotely diagnose and fix, or attend the site as soon as possible to repair the fault. 

The IoT diagnostics device will make the boiler operation more energy efficient, which is good news for the tenant and also the environment. The device will reduce tenant utility bills as well as a reduce carbon emissions and therefore the impact on the environment.

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