At Morgan Sindall Property Services (MSPS) we constantly evolve and innovate to provide our clients with the most efficient and effective property management services and solutions. This month sees the launch of goldeni, making us the first property maintenance provider to develop an in-house platform that can consolidate and interpret information from commercially available IoT sensors in real-time. 

goldeni has the potential to revolutionise the way social housing is managed and maintained. Using advanced machine learning, the goldeni platform can provide landlords, property services teams and tenants with real-time actionable insights that can be used to ensure that properties are healthy, legally compliant and as energy efficient as possible. 

How does goldeni work? 

The goldeni software platform works by collecting data on the internal environmental conditions of a home. Discreet and easily installed sensors are positioned throughout the property to measure conditions such as temperature, air pressure, light, humidity and carbon dioxide levels. 

goldeni can also monitor assets such as heating systems, detect water leaks and measure electricity and gas consumption within a property. This real-time data can then be accessed from any device by the property services teams and the tenants.  

It will then analyse this gathered data and provide the property services teams with actionable insights to improve internal conditions, prevent any potential issues and make the property more energy efficient. For example, goldeni may highlight that a property has high humidity levels and recommend that windows are opened to improve the ventilation and make the home less susceptible to mould. goldeni can also alert property teams when assets such as boilers need to be serviced. This kind of preventative action can reduce operational issues and prolong the lifespan of the asset. goldeni can also help users identify properties that are in fuel poverty or which require additional insulation by tracking a home’s heating usage.

How can goldeni support the social housing sector

Inside Housing reported that, in 2019/20, Housing Associations in England spent a combined £5.51bn on repairs and maintenance. By helping landlords and tenants identify potential maintenance issues before they occur and remediate leaks before they escalate, it’s estimated goldeni could help social housing landlords save over £ [550]m per year. 

As well as the financial benefits of using the platform, goldeni also has a crucial role in the path to net-zero. With suggestions around efficient heating use, housing insulation and the running of individual appliances, goldeni can help to reduce a property’s carbon footprint. 

Ultimately, goldeni provides improved living conditions for the tenant. In addition to ensuring that the home environment is comfortable, safe and complies with health legislation, the platform reduces the requirement to repair assets. In turn, this limits the likelihood of tenants experiencing outages for essential assets such as heating systems.

For more information on how goldeni can help, please contact the team by email: or call us on +44 20 3318 722