If you can see something coming it is much better than the reaction you might have had if you didn’t know it was happening? Does this make sense…let us explain…

In the world of commercial and residential real estate management, there are many potential pitfalls or maintenance issues that may occur, property services teams are well versed in planned and reactive maintenance but what about predictive, prescriptive maintenance? 

Planned maintenance is often a scheduled strategy that may be once every three months and reactive is as it sounds – a response. Reactive maintenance can often be due to an equipment failure between the planned visits, such as reacting to a call from a building occupier about a system having gone down/into fault or a boiler breaking and there being no hot water in the home. 

With many industries aiming to have zero downtime from performance issues how can they make this reality? 

Predictive and prescriptive maintenance with goldeni is the solution. 

The market has been driven by advancements in sensors, data science, and artificial intelligence technologies and a decrease in IoT infrastructure costs.

IoT and cloud software solutions from goldeni enable property services teams to deliver predictive, prescriptive maintenance services as opposed to planned or reactive maintenance. 

Predictive, prescriptive maintenance takes data from a variety of sensors deployed within the residential or commercial buildings and then, through the analytics platform, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms turn the collected data into actionable insights. 

These insights are also driven by prescriptive analytics, whereby a scenario that leads to a fault is identified in the early stages, predicting when the fault will occur.

For example, a boiler before it faults to off or breaks entirely, normally has a period of time leading up to that fault whereby the sensors can derive data to unearth what activities lead to a fault. When you know what the early causes of a fault are, you can alert on these as you know that in time, they will cause an actual fault or failure of the boiler which in turn results in no heating or hot water for the resident (the same applies for commercial buildings with HVAC plant).  

If you can understand the ‘journey’ towards the fault you can be alerted and be onsite to make the fix before it becomes an actual fault. Fixing a fault before it causes unnecessary damage and cost for building owners or the health and wellbeing concern for the occupants.

goldeni can also identify a trend in building conditions such as boiler HVAC system operations and spotting, along the journey, when a trend becomes a cause for concern.

Planned, prescriptive maintenance is good news for social housing landlords and commercial property landlords and property services teams who will be able to anticipate maintenance issues before they become more expensive to fix and cut down on the number of no-access visits. It will also be beneficial for social housing tenants and commercial building occupiers too – as they will have peace of mind that their homes and workplaces will be attended to before problems grow out of control, such as poor internal temperatures, loss of hot water, damp and flooding.

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