Keeping energy bills down is at the top of most tenants wish lists and if they can do that while also reducing their homes impact on the environment and reducing waste energy then it is a no-brainer. 

Inefficient boilers are one of the biggest culprits for energy inefficiency in the home so when it comes to looking at ways to save money and save energy a smart thermostat, an IoT (internet of things) diagnostics device, should be one of the first to be deployed in the home. 

The best way to do this is by making boilers smarter, which can be done when paired with an IoT diagnostics device. The good news is that traditional existing boilers instantly become smart when paired with an IoT diagnostics device. These devices connect your heating system to the internet – letting you change the temperature or switch your heating off on your smartphone or other device.

goldeni’s IoT diagnostics device allows boilers to become smarter versions of their original selves. Which is great for the energy bills and the environment. Much like the camera doorbell or the smart fridge, the smart boiler can be just as efficient and intelligent.

It works by communicating to a central online portal which, powered by AI (artificial intelligence), analyses and interprets data on boiler operation, use, temperature as well as receiving fault alerts from the boiler direct to the service and maintenance teams. 

The property services teams receive actionable insights to empower them to make informed decisions as to the best way to resolve a fault or communicate with the tenant on how better to operate the boiler and temperature settings for energy efficiency and energy cost reduction. 

The device is currently being installed within a stream of social housing landlord’s properties and will be attached to the boiler in each of the tenant’s homes. As well as providing advanced maintenance and building management services for every tenant, it will also allow property services teams to remotely monitor the boiler performance and operation which will improve the living conditions for the tenants. This unit will also provide valuable and actionable data and insights that will help extend the life cycle of the boiler and ensure that there is a reliable source of heat and hot water for the tenant. Any faults on the boiler will alert the service desk immediately allowing our property services teams to remotely diagnose and fix or attend the site as soon as possible to repair the fault. 

One of the biggest and most instant benefits is that smart boilers put heating controls in the palm of your hand, metrics and data from the boiler system can be viewed on mobile phones. 

The IoT diagnostics device will make the boiler operation more energy efficient, which is good news for the tenant and also the environment. The device will reduce tenant utility bills as well as a reduce carbon emissions and therefore the impact on the environment. 

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