Internet of Things (IoT) technology has become commonplace within industrial and commercial settings. However, as the technology continues to evolve, it is also becoming indispensable within the social housing sector.

From improving property maintenance to creating healthier living environments for tenants, IoT platforms carry numerous benefits. Here we examine how this technology can support landlords, tenants and property services teams in the creation of safer, more sustainable properties.

Helping landlords deliver safe, healthy and sustainable homes

Our IoT technology uses a variety of discreet sensors to gather information about the property which is transmitted to the goldeni insights platform. This allows social housing landlords to remotely access real-time insights relating to numerous aspects of their residential portfolio and gain a deeper understanding of the health of the buildings.

The data offers information on factors including the internal air quality, humidity levels, temperature and energy usage within the property and provides instantaneous alerts if any of these levels deviate from their expected range. This means that landlords will know immediately if the health of a property is at risk of damage. By taking action swiftly, this risk can be mitigated which can improve the environment for the tenant, limit the cost of any required repair work and extend the lifecycle of the property.

goldeni can also support landlords to further their environmental commitments by highlighting ways that their portfolio could perform more efficiently. By pinpointing homes that are not achieving the expected internal temperatures based on their heating usage, the goldeni platform can identify properties with inefficient boiler systems or inadequate insulation. This information allows landlords to take action where it is needed most and then use the data to validate the remedial work once it has been carried out. The insights can also be used to evidence legislative compliance and track the portfolio’s progress towards achieving net zero.

Improving the living standards for tenants and helping them reduce energy costs

goldeni can provide social housing tenants with insights that will empower them to make positive changes to the way the run their homes and help them to create a healthier living environment. For example, goldeni can alert tenants when CO2 levels pose a risk to human health or when humidity levels could lead to a build-up of damp and mould. These insights show the impact of taking remedial action, such as improving the ventilation in a room or drying laundry on outdoor lines, and how this contributes to creating a healthy home.

Maintaining a healthy internal temperature is crucial to ensuring the health and wellbeing of occupants and rising energy costs mean this is challenging for many. goldeni’s data can support tenants to reduce their energy costs by providing insights that will enable them to use their heating systems more efficiently and reduce wastage.

Enabling property services teams to offer predictive maintenance routines

The goldeni platform has a key role to play in the management and maintenance of social housing portfolios and can assist property service teams to deliver superior service for both tenants and landlords. goldeni’s network of intelligent sensors continuously gather data around the property to give property services teams a remote real-time view of the activity within their portfolio. The platform will also alert teams to any issues or deviations that may result in problems if they are left unaddressed. This means maintenance work can be carried out before the fault does damage to the building fabric or creates a hazardous environment for the tenant.

The insights generated by goldeni allow property services teams to build proactive maintenance schedules rather than reacting to call-outs from tenants. Not only does this offer a better experience for the tenants, who will no longer have to wait for important repairs, but it is also a more cost-effective method of maintaining budling health.

goldeni can also help property services teams to collaborate productively with tenants and help them to make minor behavioural changes that will positively impact both their wellbeing and the building’s health. These may include opening windows when cooking or ensuring there is a good flow of fresh air if clothes are being dried indoors.

Reducing a building’s carbon emissions and contributing to decarbonisation strategies

IoT technology is central to finding more efficient ways of running residential properties and contributing to the decarbonisation of social housing. The insights generated by goldeni can support both property services teams and tenants to identify more efficient ways of operating buildings that will limit its environmental impact.

As well as helping to reduce a building’s carbon emissions through strategic operational changes, IoT insights can show how suitable a property may be for alternative off-grid solutions. These may include solar panels or battery power that will further the decarbonisation journey of the portfolio and improve its sustainability.

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