Homes account for 22% of carbon emissions which is why reaching for NetZero2050 can only be achieved with a culminative effort from all sides of the housing sector, social housing is no different.

Social housing is in a unique position, with a strong track record of providing good quality, energy efficient homes for its tenants, social housing is at the forefront of standards in the wider housing industry. It can pave the way and showcase that this sector takes the route to NetZero seriously.

However, Inside Housing, the leading weekly magazine for the UK social housing sector, estimates that “£104bn is how much it could cost to decarbonise the UK’s social housing stock, based on the average decarbonisation cost per property provided”.

2050 suddenly doesn’t seem so far away when these estimates are projected. Commitment to NetZero should be part of every social housing landlord’s long-term plan, ultimately emissions from social housing will have to be drastically slashed.

An important tool in reaching NetZero is reducing carbon emissions energy use, how do we do this across social housing sector? With technology!

goldeni is a cutting edge artificial intelligence driven software platform powered by IoT (internet of things) technologies that are deployed within the homes of social housing tenants. These sensors deliver data to the goldeni portals where advanced analytics interpret the data sets delivering actionable insights to the property services teams.

The insights from the portals and mobile app report on environmental performance, preventative maintenance, property disrepair, health and safety within the home. A focus on ‘healthy homes’.

goldeni delivers actionable insights to help:

  • Manage internal conditions and internal air quality – providing real-time data and actionable insights to property services teams to gain insights on internal environmental conditions, home health, wellness and safety.
  • Align data from third party platforms such as smart meter data, environmental data and mapping tools, correlating external factors against internal actions within the home. Understanding how the outside affects how the inside of the home is operated.
  • The tenant in the operation of their in-home heating systems to ensure performance, maintenance and use ensure energy efficient operations to reduce carbon emissions and cut costs.
  • Social housing landlords and property services teams gain an understanding of how building fabric, as well as external weather conditions, can impact on energy efficiency measures. Working with social housing landlords and their tenants to improve the building fabric and insulation to improve the energy efficiency for social housing.

These insights from goldeni empower property services teams to provide real-time proactive service and maintenance to our tenants; making informed decisions based on data driven insights. IoT sensors and meters deployed within the home provide the real-time data that drives the insights and delivers information on building and system energy performance

Ultimately, goldeni provides insights on home health that not only improve the living conditions of social housing tenants but leave a lasting legacy in the communities they serve by reducing carbon emissions and energy use while also reaching for NetZero2050.

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