The wellbeing ethos isn’t just for yogis and plant food fans – it is crucial for the home and the wellness of those within it too.

With IoT from goldeni we are enabling social housing landlords to take care of wellness within the home of their tenants by providing them with the data that will support their efforts to make homes safer and more habitable and cost efficient for all.

With our range of environmental sensors deployed across hundreds of social housing properties we can measure temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2), in a full portfolio of homes. 

goldeni looks after both the internal and external environment for healthy homes but also prioritises wellness and wellbeing for tenants. Giving a full picture of the properties and ensuring that all influences both inside and outside of the building are considered when looking after tenant health and wellbeing.

Health and wellbeing in the home with goldeni:

We are working to help those in fuel poverty – by supporting tenants to better operate their heating and hot water for energy efficiency they will soon recoup cost reduction benefits. The added benefit of a home being more energy efficient is that a better insulated home can operate more efficiently and work without running at a high cost. 

Wellbeing is taken care of both inside and outside the home with humidity and temperature monitoring as well as monitoring fire alarms, fire doors and windows. 

We work hard to educate tenants on the impacts that the local environment has on the tenant and vice versa. For example, being aware of external weather temperatures, pressures and wind speed, and how these affect the building, and the internal conditions can all be managed and monitored and analysed by IoT sensors and goldeni.  

We also educate on the benefits of ventilation and how it can help combat humidity and condensation without causing loss of heat.

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