This month, goldeni launched its first advisory board meeting, focusing on goldeni vision, to revolutionise the way local authorities manage and maintain their portfolio.

 A Morgan Sindall Group company, goldeni provides insight-driven data analytics and intelligent home health technologies to social housing landlords and their tenants.  The social housing sector is compelled to improve the living conditions for tenants; technology (from goldeni) coupled with the expertise of the property services teams is the answer. 

The advisory board will guide the goldeni Limited Board of Directors to support the development of business policy, technology strategy, market insight and CSR, with a specific focus on digital inclusion.

Alan Hayward, goldeni Managing Director said “The inaugural goldeni advisory board meeting garnered a positive response from its members. With a strong verification that goldeni is on the right trajectory, providing both a unique technology offering and a sought-after service for social housing.  The board agreed that goldeni is much more than another technology business offering sensors and solutions, that coupled with Morgan Sindall Group’s expertise in property services, goldeni will revolutionise the way we manage property for the future.” 

The board also heard that goldeni’s focus is to support social housing landlords in their quest to improve the living conditions of their tenants. goldeni’s expertise lies in its ability to understand the data it gathers and subsequently affects positive change for the tenants, the landlords and the environment.

The board reinforced that goldeni’s vision and the message is strong and, in many cases, ahead of the curve.