Internal Air Quality (IAQ) is something everyone in the office has an opinion about. As with all office working environments goldeni and our parent company Morgan Sindall Group Plc is also acutely aware about the issue of IAQ for our own offices.

IAQ is important on many levels; from creating a covid secure environment to accommodating personal comfort levels.

IAQ must be taken seriously and there are many reasons why it is important to do so. Firstly, and most importantly management of IAQ is paramount both now and while we continue through the pandemic; a humid and carbon dioxide rich internal office environment increases the internal viral load and greatly grows the risk of infection for others. Badly managed IAQ is a breeding ground for viruses, which is something many staff are wary of and is heightening their concerns about the return to the office.

It is also important to manage the IAQ of an office to ensure the working environment is palatable for all employees within a building. With differing levels of temperature demands, from meeting rooms to open plan offices where being too cold or too hot is often a common complaint. We want to make sure our offices are warm enough or cool enough for everyone.

With goldeni, Morgan Sindall Group Plc can proactively manage its own headquarters’ IAQ thanks to our suite of real-time IoT (internet of things) enabled sensors and systems, which monitor temperature, carbon dioxide and humidity, providing us with further insights on the internal air quality of the office. 

Sensors collect data on internal air quality to ensure that the building is covid-secure. The team is then able to review the ventilation and air conditioning controls throughout the office space. We can also undertake an analysis of the mains electricity consumption to see whether any further IoT technologies could help us reduce energy consumption and cost.

goldeni is able to:

  • Identify that the temperatures were ok and that the internal air quality was covid secure.
  • Provide staff with insights into temperature and internal air quality so they can be confident that they are working in a healthy commercial office space for building occupants
  • Showcase a review of the air conditioning controls, which highlighted concerns over operational times and consumption levels which are now being investigated

goldeni has been a catalyst for change:

  • We now plan to install sub-meters on the distribution boards in the building to identify what equipment, if any, is running 24/7. Once identified we can make the change to save energy.
  • The team is also looking at ensuring the air conditioning units follow CIBSE guidelines for covid-secure operations. Bringing fresh air into the building and ensuring a constant trickle when the offices are closed.

It is important to remember that what initially started with sensors to look at internal conditions can soon unearth energy efficiency and operational savings.

goldeni’s IoT enabled solutions tells many stories, for us it’s still delivering insights for the business and building occupiers.

We will keep you updated as we delve deeper into the data and the insights from goldeni’s online cloud platform.  We have a feeling there are more savings and efficiencies to come.

Watch this space!

For more information about goldeni and the services and solutions available for your commercial or residential property, please get in touch with the team via the contact us page or email: