The age of smart city is here, and social housing is in prime position to reap the benefits of the digital home of the future.

IoT sensors and systems can bring social housing into the smart city revolution unlocking the opportunities that they can give to social housing landlords, tenants and communities.

goldeni can do this seamlessly, building a network of intelligent buildings for each social housing landlord via its in-home deployed IoT technology.

These systems and devices enable the social housing infrastructure to be smart city ready – which is good news for the tenant and even better news for the environment.

goldeni considers the in-home opportunities IoT devices can provide the tenants, social housing landlords and local environment. From energy bill cost savings, decarbonisation, energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact – the opportunities are vast.

It also facilitates energy saving opportunities outside the home, such as making social housing landlords residential buildings ready to embrace smart city solutions and services such as off-grid supply and heat networks. 

Another important element is that IoT technologies from goldeni also manage and report on water consumption as well as waste, which provides a significant positive impact on the local community.

With IoT sensors and and artificial intelligence drives data analytics platform, goldeni provides solutions for social housing landlords to get their housing stock ready to not only adapt to and take part in the smart city age, but lead the charge in making homes more efficient for all.

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