IoT solutions are decarbonising the residential properties; starting with social housing 

The UK Government’s timeline from the Clean Growth Strategy of ensuring residential real estate secures an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of a C or above by 2035 is ambitious but achievable.

Social housing has the opportunity to lead the charge in the decarbonisation of the residential sector, particularly by investing in IoT devices and systems that will boost the energy efficiency of their properties. 

goldeni can help social housing landlords gain insights into the performance of their buildings against the energy efficiency EPC standards in several ways, from the operation of boilers/heating in the home to ventilation and insulation. Knowing the house’s internal conditions and the function of the vital energy consuming systems such as heating and water, and wastewater allows goldeni to pinpoint what energy efficiency measures can be made. 

Where waste and inefficiencies are identified, property services teams step in to improve the homes and the systems within the homes. goldeni then evidences the improvements and validates for the social housing landlord. 

With inefficiencies that contribute to the building’s EPC rating below C, social housing landlords can be confident that their facilities will meet the government requirements of EPC rating C and above. The activities undertaken are maintained by goldeni to ensure the building doesn’t slip back into inefficient operation. 

For the tenants, being able to identify inefficiencies within the home, remedial works have a positive impact on their energy and water bills. Reducing costs from waste consumption and reducing the impact on the environment through reduced carbon emissions 

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