The goldeni platform provides social housing landlords and their tenants with real-time, actionable insights that create safe, compliant and more energy-efficient homes.

The power is in the technology, and we are often asked how we do this…

The simple answer is that we embrace all available technologies and platforms.

The sensors we deploy in the homes and the gateways we use to transmit data from the sensors to the goldeni software platform are all third-party solutions. That means as new IoT technologies become available, we can bring them into the goldeni product family.

For the software platform, we chose to partner with

  • Microsoft to use the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure
  • PowerBi for data visualisation.
  • DxC to provide the integration and development work between goldeni, Azure and TTO
  • TheThingsIndustries (TTI) to provide connectivity between the sensor and Azure

This allowed us to engineer their offerings in to the goldeni eco-system of graphical insights, reporting tools, digital twin and mapping technologies, as well as dashboards and apps.

Here’s how it works:

Once the sensors are installed in the properties, they communicate wirelessly to the LoRaWAN gateways that have been installed within the local area.

The gateways transmit the data to the cloud, and as we have integrated directly with The Things Industry (TTI) LoRaWAN cloud, we have allowed for cloud-to-cloud data transmission, thereby reducing deployment time by up to a third.

The Microsoft Azure IoT stack ingests the data whilst the Azure Device Twin and Stream Analytics allows for device threshold management, data enhancement, and ingestion to the Azure SQL Server databases.

Sensitive configuration settings are stored within Azure Keyvault, and the Azure Functions process data and business logic. Azure Datafactory is used to orchestrate and manage data flows and data transformations to Azure SQL databases. We also use REST APIs to pull energy data from external data providers.

The goldeni platform uses the Azure Service Bus for resilience and reliable communication between services and IoT devices.

Once we have the data, it passes through several stages from the database to the data lake and onto the data warehouse through machine learning algorithms. This is all then handled by the smart device bridge, and regardless of the sensor or device, the data is normalised into the goldeni platform and conversions are made quickly.

The next stage is developing the actionable insights and visualising the data for the landlord, tenant and property services teams.

For more information on how we create actionable insights, learnings and help visualisations take flight…please read the following blog for more information Analytics, insights, visualisation and more… bringing data to life with Microsoft Power BI.

For more information on how goldeni can help you, please get in touch with the team by email: or call us on +44 20 3318 722