While we all know that decarbonisation of residential properties is good for the environment, the barrier to doing so can be the cost involved when going green. Decarbonisation of residential properties is vital in global efforts to meet carbon reduction targets. 

The World Economic Forum published its report entitled Net Zero Carbon Cities – An Integrated Approach. It sets out several opportunities to help a city transition to a net-zero carbon, many of which rely on internet of things (IoT) technologies and solutions .

But we need to look deeper at the costs involved for social housing. Meeting NetZero targets can be financially off-putting for some social housing landlords, particularly when retrofitting properties on a mass scale. This is why we need more Government funding to make it a reality, because the cost to meet targets and hit NetZero expectations can be phenomenal.

Inside Housing recently undertook research across the four nations and estimated that “£104bn is how much it could cost to decarbonise the UK’s social housing stock, based on the average decarbonisation cost per property provided to us.” The National Housing Federation found that housing associations are only at the beginning of the journey to NetZero. Around 1 in 10 (8%) survey respondents plan to ensure that homes are carbon neutral by 2050 and two thirds (66%) have started to plan. 

The UK Government has, however, committed significant funding support to retrofit through its £2 billion Green Homes Grant, the £1 billion Public Buildings Decarbonisation Fund and the £50 million Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund demonstrator, which is the precursor to an overall £3.8 billion Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund. 

But this isn’t enough.

There is a need for more Government funding to support this ambition to hit NetZero targets by 2050. If social housing was front and centre of the Government’s plans, more significant returns could be made for the environment, and targets could be realistically met. 

We are working with social housing landlords to deploy the latest in IoT enabled technology and cloud solutions to monitor and manage their residential properties. goldeni is providing valuable insights to social housing landlords on the conditions of their properties and the impact on the environment. goldeni provides insights into internal air quality within the home as well as the energy efficiency to deliver healthy homes for the tenant and reducing the carbon impact on the environment. 

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