Fuel poverty can affect anyone who finds themselves in a situation where their income is low, and they are living in a home which cannot be kept warm at a reasonable cost. One of the biggest factors that contribute to fuel poverty is down to either a low energy efficiency standard of a property, poor insulation or inefficient equipment within. 

While this issue is wide and varied with many contributing factors, goldeni is committed to actively supporting social housing landlords and their tenants to help them better respond to the issues of energy efficiency within their homes that contribute to fuel poverty.  

goldeni is doing this a number of ways.  From working with tenants to help them better understand how to achieve better energy at a cheaper rate and also in looking after their energy ‘sapping’ assets such as boilers and other heating appliances. goldeni supports the plight against fuel poverty, giving tenants insights into how to better manage their heating whilst focusing on keeping energy costs to a minimum. goldeni puts ‘power’ back in the hands of the tenant.

goldeni utilises the latest in internet of things (IoT) technologies and sensors to gather insights on home ‘health’ to help create a healthy home ecosystem. As an online platform, goldeni collects and interprets data from a variety of sources such as heating and hot water and provides valuable insights into the internal environment and performance of equipment within the home.  

By understanding the internal environmental conditions and the performance and operation of heating and hot water systems, property services teams can then deliver remote and onsite services and support for social housing landlords, tenants and homeowners.  In an effort to save both on fuel bills and environmental impact.

For more information, please contact the team via email: info@goldeni.com