Basildon Council in South Essex has become the first local authority in the UK to install goldeni technology within its social housing portfolio. The Council has ambitious goals to deliver zero carbon emissions across its operations by 2030 with a wider target of 2050 for the whole borough, and the implementation of this cutting-edge technology will play a crucial role in the journey to achieving these targets

The approach

The goldeni platform collects data on the internal environmental conditions of residential properties using IoT sensors. The sensors will monitor areas including the temperature, air pressure, light levels, humidity and carbon dioxide, and this data will be wirelessly communicated to externally located LoRaWAN gateways.

The data is then processed through machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to deliver insights on the internal conditions to the property services teams. In cases where the conditions deviate from the desired levels, property services teams will be immediately alerted, allowing them to attend and rectify the fault before it impacts the resident.

The goldeni platform will also gather data on water leaks and electricity and gas consumption to help tenants run their homes more efficiently. Using the data collected and intelligent boiler technology, goldeni will provide tenants with more efficient boiler operations for heating and hot water in their homes, resulting in lower running costs and reduced carbon emissions.

Desired outcomes
  • The roll-out of goldeni supports Basildon Council in their journey to net-zero by developing more energy-efficient social housing that benefits the environment and reduces the property running costs for tenants.
  • The monitoring of the internal air quality helps create healthier and safer environments for tenants by mitigating issues such as damp and mould and highlighting problems like fuel poverty.
  • The technology helps reduce repair demand by enabling a more proactive and preventative approach to property maintenance that is beneficial to both the tenants and the longevity of the housing stock.

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