goldeni Standards

Data Security and Standards

Data Security and Technology Standards

goldeni Limited is certified for Cyber Essentials. The wider Morgan Sindall Group also holds the ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management.

The core goldeni IoT and analytics environment is deployed within the Microsoft Azure UK South and UK North environments, and uses the latest intrusion detection and security technologies. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

The goldeni technology environment is subject to annual security penetration testing simulating cyber attacks to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. Insights provided by the penetration test are used to fine tune security policies and patch detected vulnerabilities. The result of such testing can be shared with clients and the next full test is schedules for May 2021.

goldeni is registered with the ICO and is using BEIS’ Data Access and Privacy Framework, the UK GDPR, OFGEM Guidance, as well as other UK and European guidance and case law, as the basis for it’s privacy and data protection compliance frameworks. Privacy by Design and Default is a key element of Goldeni’s offering and is embedded at every phase of the design process.