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Goldeni is revolutionising the way we manage and maintain our homes. Through a series of connected sensors and devices, Goldeni delivers insights into home health, safety and environmental impact.

Smart Boilers For Smart Homes

goldeni is committed to improving the living conditions of social housing tenants and leaving a lasting legacy in the communities we serve by reducing carbon emissions and energy use while also reaching for NetZero2050.. 

We do this with technology and our latest initiative focuses on heating and hot water provision for tenants, whilst also reducing their carbon emissions and environmental impact.  

We are installing an IoT diagnostics unit which is attached to the boiler in each of the tenant’s homes. 

This leading technology will provide advanced maintenance and building management services for every resident. It will also allow us to remotely service and maintain the boiler which will improve the living conditions for tenants. This unit will also provide valuable and actionable data and insights that will help extend the life cycle of the boiler and ensure that there is a reliable source of heat and hot water for the tenant. 

Any faults on the boiler will alert the service desk immediately allowing service teams to remotely diagnose and fix, or attend the site as soon as possible to repair the fault. 

The IoT diagnostics device will make the boiler operation more energy efficient, which is good news for the tenant and also the environment. The device will reduce tenant utility bills as well as a reduce carbon emissions and therefore the impact on the environment.


Internal Air Quality Control In The Home

Management of internal air quality (IAQ) is paramount both now and while we continue through the pandemic.  A humid and carbon dioxide rich internal environment for example is a breeding ground for viruses increasing the internal viral load and greatly increasing the risk of infection for tenants/homeowners and, when the lockdown is lifted, for those visiting the tenant/homeowner. 

We are currently working with a number of social housing landlords to help them make their tenants homes and buildings air quality safe.  goldeni’s suite of IoT (internet of things) enabled sensors and systems monitor temperature, carbon dioxide, VOC and humidity; supporting home health as well as clean air initiatives based on insights into internal air quality. 

High carbon dioxide levels are hazardous to human health, but other indoor air quality issues include high humidity which can be as a result of damp in the home and facilitates a breeding ground for known pathogens and viruses. High carbon dioxide levels also demonstrate poor air flow in the property; simply advising the tenant to open a window will immediately improve the internal air quality and, in accordance with the Covid-19 guidance keep viral load levels in the home to a minimum and reduce the risk of contamination for those in the home.

goldeni delivers real-time air quality data to service and maintenance teams to identify and advise of poor internal air quality – looking after the tenant with health and wellbeing in mind. 


Energy Efficiency Starts At Home

goldeni is an advanced IoT driven solution that collects data from a variety of in home IoT enabled sensors and systems to gather in-depth insights into the internal conditions within the home.  goldeni empowers service and maintenance teams to provide services that deliver on environmental challenges, preventative maintenance, property disrepair, safety and energy efficiency for our social housing association clients and their tenants. It hands the power back to social housing landlords and homeowners; they can more effectively monitor and manage their properties, deliver operational efficiencies and gain unique insights to ensure positive outcomes for tenants, homeowners and communities. 

Through real-time data that prevents maintenance issues, goldeni turns data into actionable insights allowing service and maintenance teams to deal with any issues in real-time and often without the need to visit the site.  goldeni aids in the preventative maintenance services to reduce property disrepair, improve the energy efficiency of homes and reduce their impact on the environment. The service provides social housing landlords, homeowners and tenants with peace of mind for the ongoing maintenance and management of social housing and infrastructure. 

One of the biggest culprits for energy inefficiency in the home are inefficient boiler operations.  A poorly operating boiler can accelerate fuel poverty because of the energy that it wastes. Operating at too high a temperature will make the boiler use more energy and increase energy bills but operating at too low a temperature or off entirely as the resident seeks to cut energy bills could be hazardous to tenant health if coupled with low external temperatures. This can be a dangerous balancing act. How tenants operate boilers can dramatically and negatively impact on both the internal environment and tenant health.

goldeni can support the boiler operating issue by monitoring and maintaining boilers in tenant/homeowner properties and providing insights to service and maintenance teams on the performance of the boiler.

goldeni also alerts on undesirable temperature levels in the home as well as heating operations and boiler controls to identify tenants struggling with fuel poverty and allowing the teams to work with the client and the tenant to alleviate issues of fuel poverty and reduce the running costs of the building whilst focusing on the health and wellbeing of the tenants.