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Carbon Zero


Introducing Carbon Zero

The recently launched Carbon Zero tool supports social housing landlords to transform the carbon performance of their properties and further their portfolio’s progress towards NetZero 2050. 

This cutting-edge software has been designed by our team of developers to make it possible to optimise the energy efficiency of every property. Our solution will also enable property teams to ensure their properties are compliant with the latest legislation, safe and comfortable for tenants and on-track to meet global decarbonisation targets.

Carbon Zero has been designed to demystify the NetZero journey and provide a clear pathway to energy efficient social housing.


How it Works

Collating and analysing data relating to a property can be hugely time consuming but Carbon Zero automates and streamlines this process. The cutting-edge solution gathers data from a range of sources, including surveys, maintenance programmes, property disrepair works and Energy Performance Certificates, and centralises it in a single, easy-to-use platform. The data is then analysed to assess the property’s energy performance and carbon emissions and the results are displayed in a dynamic digital dashboard.

As well as generating a report on the status of a property, Carbon Zero provides a breakdown of the work that is required to align the home with decarbonisation targets. The schedule will outline the updates that must be made and provide details of the associated costs, the labour required and a timeline to completion. The platform even incorporates live data, such as product price increases and the availability of assets, to ensure the most accurate information.

Users can then filter the report based on preferences such as location, available budget or to prioritise homes in need of the most work. The dynamic report can then reschedule the works according to the priorities and deliver a new plan and an updated budget. 

In addition, Carbon Zero can aid social housing landlords in budgetary planning and applications. For some landlords, the required energy performance updates may have substantial financial implications and the data provided by the software can be used to support internal budget bids. The plans generated can also be used as evidence in applications for government funding, such as the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund.


Continuing the Net Zero Journey

Carbon Zero integrates seamlessly with our other products and services to offer the fullest possible picture of a property portfolio. Our goldeni sensors can be fitted throughout a property to continually gather data on the internal conditions. This granular, real-time information can then be used to provide a snapshot of a property’s efficiency before and after the implementation of the plan generated by Carbon Zero. This can then be used to evidence the success of the updates as well as highlighting additional changes that may further reduce the property’s emissions and take it closer to NetZero.

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