Smart Solutions For Industry Challenges


Challenging Fuel Poverty

Fuel poverty can affect anyone who finds themselves in a situation where their income is low, and they are living in a home which cannot be kept warm at a reasonable cost. One of the biggest factors that contribute to fuel poverty is down to either a low energy efficiency standard of a property or inefficient equipment within.

While this issue is wide and varied with many contributing factors, goldeni is committed to actively supporting social housing associations and their tenants to help them better respond to the issues of energy efficiency within their homes that contribute to fuel poverty.

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Fire Safety

The Fire Safety Act 2021 has been designed to ensure that people feel safe in their homes; it aims to make it more straightforward where fire safety lies in buildings containing more than one home. What does this mean for social housing landlords? How can they make their properties safer for their tenants and more efficient?

The good news is that fire safety monitoring can be actioned efficiently with goldeni’s IoT technology, providing social housing landlords with real-time insights into the status of the fire doors and windows, heat and smoke alarms across all of their properties.

Ultimately goldeni creates efficiencies for landlords and makes life safer for tenants who can be confident that their building’s fire safety measures are managed in real-time. Any issues are caught with immediate effect and resolved by the property services personnel.

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Habitation Act

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 has been designed to ensure that all rented accommodation is fit for human habitation and to strengthen tenants means of redress. The legislation requires landlords to ensure that they are meeting their existing responsibilities with regards to property standards and safety.

goldeni and its suite of IoT solutions can assist social housing associations meet this legislation by providing insights into the internal environment within the property and also how tenants affect the internal environment. 

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Property Disrepair

Damp, leaks and damage – some of the first signs of property disrepair, and when these occur in rented properties the responsibility more often than not lies with the landlord.

What constitutes as property disrepair? In short it can be as ‘simple’ an issue as damp and mould within a property or a faulty or broken boiler, but at worst it can cause illness or long-term negative effects to the tenants.

goldeni can enhance the property disrepair works providing insights and evidence to landlords and tenants that the property is fit for purpose.


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Internal Air Quality Control

Much has been reported about the quality of air in retail environments and restaurants and the need to keep fresh air coming in and going out of a building. But this shouldn’t just be an issue we consider in retail or schools or the workplace, we need to consider air quality of our living environment too.

Management of internal air quality is paramount both now and while we continue through the pandemic.  A humid and carbon dioxide rich internal environment for example is a breeding ground for viruses increasing the internal viral load and greatly increasing the risk of infection for building occupiers.  Whether its commercial or residential properties, goldeni has the solutions to manage and maintain your internal air quality.

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Preventative Maintenance

goldeni’s IoT enabled technology provides both remote maintenance and energy savings support. Connected to assets within the home or commercial office, IoT devices deliver real-time data regarding system operation and performance to a central online portal.

Powered by AI (artificial intelligence), this online portal analyses and interprets data on a asset operation, use and performance delivering remote insights for service and maintenance teams to make informed decisions against operational inefficiencies or in response to faults and failures.

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Predictive, Prescriptive Maintenance with goldeni

If you can see something coming it is much better than the reaction you might have had if you didn’t know it was happening? Does this make sense…let us explain…

In the world of commercial and residential real estate management, there are many potential pitfalls or maintenance issues that may occur, property managers are well versed in planned and reactive maintenance but what about predictive, prescriptive maintenance?

Predictive, prescriptive maintenance takes data from a variety of sensors deployed within residential or commercial buildings and then, through an analytics platform, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms turn the collected data into actionable insights. 

These insights are driven by prescriptive analytics, whereby a scenario that leads to a fault is identified in the early stages, predicting when the fault will occur.

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Energy Efficiency

goldeni is an advanced IoT driven solution that collects data from a variety of IoT enabled sensors and systems deployed within residential or commercial properties. It also collects data from third party platforms such as smart metering data from the DCC for smart meter reads as well as weather and mapping tools to gather in-depth insights into the internal conditions within the built environment and the external influencers such as weather and location.

goldeni empowers maintenance teams to deliver services and solutions that respond to environmental challenges, provide preventative maintenance, facilitate insights into property disrepair, safety and energy efficiency for our social housing association clients and their tenants as well as commercial landlords and tenants.

It hands the power back to landlords and building occupiers; they can more effectively monitor and manage their properties, deliver operational efficiencies and gain unique insights to ensure positive outcomes for tenants and communities.

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2050 suddenly doesn’t seem so far away when these estimates are projected. Commitment to NetZero should be part of every landlord’s long-term plan, ultimately emissions from social housing will have to be drastically slashed.

An important tool in reaching NetZero is reducing carbon emissions energy use, how do we do this? With technology!

goldeni is a cutting edge IoT (internet of things) enabled technology that features sensors that are deployed within residential and commercial properties. These sensors deliver data to the portals where advanced analytics interpret the data sets delivering actionable insights to the service and maintenance teams. The insights from the portals and mobile app report on environmental performance, preventative maintenance, property disrepair, health and safety within the built environment.

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Smart Cities – Smart Buildings

The age of smart city is here. By embracing digital technologies, residential and commercial properties can reap the benefits of the smart city revolution.

goldeni can do this seamlessly, building a network of intelligent buildings for each borough, village, town and city via its with IoT technology.

goldeni considers the in-building opportunities IoT devices can provide the building occupiers, owners, managers and the local environment. From energy savings, decarbonisation and reducing environmental impact – the opportunities are vast.

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The smart, environmentally-friendly office: design and technology aligned

Whether building from scratch or retrofitting existing workspaces with eco-friendly finishes, designing sustainable offices is about much more than incorporating carbon-neutral materials into the construction. To create a building that offers a genuinely environmentally efficient workspace that is safe for occupiers, it is crucial that the design is layered with technology.

By integrating Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, such as the goldeni platform, into office buildings, it is possible to identify operational performance leaks and implement systems that will eliminate energy wastage. This cutting-edge solution is key to developing brilliant office designs that offer working environments that are both energy efficient and consider the wellbeing of the occupants.

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Managing internal air quality to in commercial properties

The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) has published extensive guidance around ventilation systems in commercial buildings and how they can be used to maintain adequate air quality and reduce the risks of airborne infection. In April 2020, the CIBSE stated that commercial spaces needed to change their operations and control strategies of ventilation systems.

For some businesses to adhere to this guidance, it is necessary to open doors and windows to facilitate natural ventilation flow. However, while this may improve the internal air quality (IAQ), it can also require additional heating. Running the heating system for longer or at higher temperatures to create a comfortable environment increases the financial and environmental costs of running the building. With gas prices continuing to rise, this increased consumption could significantly impact the business’ bottom line.

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